01. 10. 2023


Katerina Method was created on the basis of experiences from my sports career and from the world of yoga, to which I bring detailed anatomical knowledge and whose traditional elements I interweave with my individual approach. The method helps people all over the world with back pain, body flexibility, discipline and personal development simply, smartly and effectively.

The Katerina Method is based on three basic pillars:

Internal muscles • Breath • Mindfulness

1. Examination of the inner body

During my figure skating career, doctors told me I had a high degree of scoliosis. They prescribed a corset for me at night and advised me to quit figure skating. I refused and wearing a corset overnight was not pleasant. I started doing everything to heal my spine and continue my career. I went to various rehabilitations and other treatment methods, which only took a while. On the recommendation, I practiced the exercises that I learned in rehabilitation. During home exercises, I began to observe my body and the work of the internal muscles and what impact it has on my disability. I continued to figure skate and the back pain went away for a while, but it came back again.


2. Examination of breath

I attended a yoga class. Right after the first lesson, I felt like I was reborn. At that moment, I understood that the exercises I practiced at home were very similar to yoga positions, but without the conscious involvement of the breath. As soon as I tried to connect the movement with the breath, I understood that the exercise could be easier and more effective, and over time I became stronger and more flexible. Thanks to the breath, I also started meditating and working with myself on a psychological level.

Since then, yoga practice and meditation have become my daily bread, which over time has changed my life and revealed to me that yoga is much more than a physical practice - ⁠it has revealed to me a path of self-development through body, mind and breath that is much more than just exchange of oxygen for life.

The back pain came occasionally.


3. Exploring the mind and body connection

During my artistic career, I fell in love with aerial acrobatics and decided to combine it with figure skating. I went to Italy for an internship for a year and a half, where I found out how physically and mentally demanding this discipline is.

I tried various strength training techniques, but nothing seemed to work. So I involved my experience from yoga, sports and I added breath. This also increased my flexibility, which was necessary for this discipline from a safety point of view.

Here I learned the strength of the pelvic floor, thanks to which I was able to engage the internal muscles during training and breathe through the positions in the air and master the entire five-minute set.

Aerial acrobatics revealed to me how important it is to be able to work with the inner body, which includes the inner musculature - the pelvic floor, the core - and the breath. This whole connection gives incredible strength, flexibility and vitality.

I literally forgot about the back pain, it disappeared. I realized that my back pain disappeared, not only because I discovered the power of the inner body, breath and mind, but also because I learned to use and connect these tools in everyday life. I created a habit that completely eliminated my back pain, and I incorporated flexibility into my daily activities.

I also understood why all the "circus girls" looked so good, they not only had a beautiful figure, but they were very active and looked really young and fresh in their faces.

The life energy starts right in the center of the body at the very top between our genitals and they engaged this energy together with the center of the body their whole life, so their core was strong, flexible and the energy could easily flow. This was reflected outwardly in the form of strength, beauty and energy.


Thanks to these experiences, I was able to fulfill my dream and connect acrobatics with figure skating and become a recognized acrobat on ice. These experiences gave me the support to withstand all the mental and physical pressure of show business and win the competition in the World Championship in Interpretive Speech in LA, where I represented the Czech Republic.

 I have always loved simplicity, attention to detail and research. I was a child who constantly asked "WHY" and was never satisfied with the answer "NO" or that something "WON'T WORK" and looked for ways to solve it. Over time, I became more and more interested in the human body - mainly from the inside, working with the breath and how it all affects the mind. So I became a certified yoga instructor with worldwide experience in physical movement and mental training and got rid of my back pain and increased my flexibility by 100%.

I also gained great experience in Mexico, Hawaii and Costa Rica, where I broadened my horizons and gained experience in a completely different dimension.I combined the knowledge gained from different countries of the world and everything fit together beautifully - the KATERINA METHOD was born.

I believe that everyone in this world has a mission and I found mine. I wanted to know more and more about the body, mind and breath and how yoga connects everything into one, and now I devote myself to it fully. I found a way to solve my handicap with scoliosis and how to make my body flexible. Now my task is to pass on my years of experience to everyone who wants to live a healthy and vital life, without back pain and who wants to feel great on a physical and mental level.


How KATERINA METHOD helps others: